Palo Alto Networks closes Secdo acquisition

Palo Alto Networks announced yesterday that it has successfully completed its acquisition of Israeli endpoint protection startup Secdo.

Though the terms of the agreement were not disclosed, it has been suggested the deal was worth $100 million.

Secdo, founded in 2015 by IDF Intelligence unit 8200 alumni Gil Barak and Shai Morag, had previously raised $10 million in Series A funding, and offers an enterprise incident response platform which automates endpoint forensic analysis and cybersecurity investigations.

“The completion of this acquisition adds Secdo’s EDR capabilities into our platform and accelerates our ability to detect and prevent successful cyberattacks across the cloud, endpoint, and network,” said Palo Alto Networks CEO Mark McLaughlin.

Palo Alto Networks plans to integrate Secdo’s capabilities with Traps and the Palo Alto Networks platform, in order to provide its Logging Service with the data required for greater precision, helping to visualise, detect and prevent attacks.

Palo Alto Networks has made several acquisitions in the past few years, including last month and LightCyber in 2017. The move towards consolidation in the cybersecurity marketplace is one which many will welcome – the sheer number of vendors operating in this space makes selecting the right partner a considerable challenge, and we’ve commented in passing before on the growing size and complexity of cybersecurity stacks. The trend of giants like Palo Alto Networks, IBM and Symantec acquiring smaller companies and incorporating their services may be part of the solution.

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