CyberInt raises $18M Series B funding

Israeli cybersecurity company CyberInt has raised $18 million in Series B funding, in a round led by Viola Growth with participation from existing investors. The investment brings total disclosed funding to $28 million.

CyberInt’s ‘Argos’ platform focuses on detection and response services to address cyber, fraud, and brand threats in the financial services, retail, eCommerce, and gaming sectors.

The company, founded in 2010 by Itay Yanovski and Raz Alon, is made up of former CISOs, alumni of Unit 8200, and white-hat hackers, and has employees in IsraelNew YorkLondonSingapore, and Manila. 

“In a world where cyber threats are growing, and cyber experts are a challenge to get, the unique offering of a strong platform with expert cyber services is the solution for the coming future,” Ayal Shiran, general partner at Viola Growth, said. “We’re excited to join the company as it enters its growth stage.”

The investment will be used to drive global expansion, expand the Argos platform, and develop next-generation risk management, detection and response solutions.

“As companies drive more digital activity, they become more vulnerable to attacks,” said CEO Amir Ofek, a former IDF intelligence officer. “CyberInt is the industry’s leading partner to address early detection and response and mitigate the digital risk, enabling digital businesses to continue growing and protecting their brands. We are in a strong growth path with more than 100% growth year over year for the last two years. With this investment, we’ll continue to address the growing demand to support leading organizations across the world.”

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