Intel hires new Chief Software Security Officer

Intel has announced the appointment of Window Snyder as the company’s new Chief Software Security Officer, Vice President and General Manager of the Intel Platform Security Division.

Beginning on July 9, Snyder’s tasks will include driving partnerships with operating system developers and the security industry to ensure up-to-date threat intelligence, delivering differentiated security capabilities to protect business assets, and working with partners to drive scale for security

“I am looking forward to Window leveraging her experience in the community and bringing further valuable industry insight into Intel’s hardware-enabled security solutions,” said Doug Fisher, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s Software and Services Group, in which Snyder will be working.

Snyder joins Intel from Fastly, where she was Chief Security Officer. Other previous roles of hers included senior security and privacy positions at Apple, Mozilla, Matasano Security and Microsoft.

The appointment comes at a somewhat tense time for Intel. Earlier this month CEO Brian Krzanich left the company unexpectedly over “a past consensual relationship” with a subordinate.

More immediately relevant – though shakeups to company leadership are in no way irrelevant to security teams’ ability to do their job – is this year’s multiple discoveries of security bugs in Intel’s products, including major threats Spectre and Meltdown.

As such, it’s no surprise that the company is looking to introduce experienced industry veterans to its leadership team, particularly in the security department.

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