Imperva to acquire Prevoty for $140M cash

Imperva has signed an agreement to acquire DevOps security company Prevoty for $140 million in cash, subject to working capital.

Prevoty’s solutions are primarily focused on application security, with protecting and monitoring web apps being a major element of its services. The company has received a total of $25.8 million in disclosed funding since its foundation in 2013, and was named a leader for Runtime Application Self-Protection in Forrester’s Q1 2018 ‘New Wave’ report.

“The acquisition is expected to advance our hybrid security strategy and further our mission to deliver best-in-class cybersecurity solutions,” said Chris Hylen, president and CEO of Imperva. “Prevoty complements current Imperva application and data security offerings. When combined with our on-premises and cloud products, it will help businesses better protect themselves from attacks, prevent breaches and monitor security across their digital business. Combined with Imperva insights offerings, Prevoty will further help to identify the true risks to customers’ application services.”

Prevoty’s technologies facilitate security as a component built in to apps rather than tacked on afterwards. Imperva’s hope is that the integration of these technologies into its own services will offer customers expanded security capabilities, and increased visibility into how the applications are used, accessed, and what they do with data.

As part of the acquisition, which is expected to close in Q3 of this year, Imperva will take over the running of Prevoty’s Los Angeles office. All Prevoty staff have been offered employment with Imperva.

“Our team is excited to join Imperva, a company with a long track record of cybersecurity leadership and innovation,” said Julien Bellanger, CEO and co-founder of Prevoty. “We believe that the combination of our solutions with Imperva’s portfolio of products will allow us to jointly create the gold standard in technology for application and data protection for organizations everywhere.”

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