Toka announces $12.5 million in seed funding

Cyber capacity-building startup Toka has announced $12.5 million in seed funding.

Backers at this early stage included Andreessen Horowitz, Dell Technologies Capital, Entrée Capital, Launch Capital, and Ray Rothrock, CEO of cyber analytics firm RedSeal.

“Today, too many countries still do not have the cyber capabilities they need to protect themselves and their citizens, and it’s become an imminent global problem that’s spurring demand,” said Ran Achituv, managing partner at Entrée Capital. “Toka is filling this gap, and in doing so, has the potential to make the whole world much safer.”

Toka, headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, was co-founded by retired Brigadier General Yaron Rosen (former Chief of Israel Defense Forces Cyber Staff), Alon Kantor (former Vice President of Business Development for Check Point), Kfir Waldman (former CEO of Kayhut and Go Arc), and Ehud Barak (former Israeli Prime Minister and Minister of Defense).

Too many countries still do not have the cyber capabilities they need to protect themselves and their citizens.

– Ran Achituv, Managing Partner, Entrée Capital

The company’s aim is to help government, law enforcement and security agencies to improve their cyber capabilities, by assisting with the design of unique cyber strategies and software suites. Drawing on the company’s combined knowledge and experience in politics, military, business and technology, Toka works across strategic, tactical and operational levels, and in addition to designing the tailored environment will assist in its management, including the development of new products as and when required.

“Transforming one’s cybersecurity posture takes more than buying one piece of software. It takes the right technologies plus having the right people, processes, systems, and strategies in place,” said Rosen. “Our Cyber Designer Team will help nations develop the strategic capabilities, an operational approach, and an ecosystem of software products tailored for them. And if there isn’t a product on the market that meets our client’s needs, we will build it with our R&D team – Toka Cyber Labs.”

With concerns high about state-sponsored cyberattacks, it’s more important than ever that countries are able to protect themselves – damage done to government, law enforcement, intelligence agencies, critical national infrastructure, finance and more could all have dramatic effects on the economy and even physical safety of a nation and its citizens.

“The proliferation of connected devices and the rise of IoT have transformed the digital and security landscape, creating new threats as well as opportunities for those entrusted with keeping their people safe. Governmental, law enforcement, and security agencies are in the process of adapting to this new cyber era, creating a huge market need,” said Yair Snir, managing director at Dell Technologies Capital. “The team at Toka has unparalleled experience at the highest levels of cybersecurity, and with their technical and strategic know-how, combined with this investment, they can fill this need and build a great business.”

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