The UAE’s top pick for network security

In our recently published report into cybersecurity in the UAE, one of the issues we asked participants about was which solutions providers they found most effective in specific areas of cybersecurity.

One of the points we noted regarding the overall ‘top 30’ list our research produced was that due to the range of categories in which they were nominated, several of the top spots were taken by ‘big name’ providers offering solutions in several areas of cybersecurity. More ‘niche’ providers, which are named in fewer categories, also appear, but are at something of a disadvantage.

When it comes to choosing a provider to work with, overall effectiveness and high customer satisfaction are important factors to consider – but so is effectiveness in the specific area you’re looking to secure. Accordingly, we will also be revealing the providers voted most effective in each of the specific security categories about which we asked.

Of these categories, ‘network security’ was the one which received the most votes. It’s perhaps the broadest category we specified, and arguably includes each of the other areas, so that’s not particularly surprising.

Seventeen different vendors were nominated in this category, but the winner was Cisco, which came out ahead by a strong margin with over 29% of the vote.

Though Cisco is not rated highest in any other individual risk category, its high rating here (and overall – taking into account votes across all categories, Cisco was our participants’ top-rated vendor) reflects its reputation as a good all-rounder. It’s also unsurprising given that Cisco is particularly well-known for its networking equipment, with its security solutions being a growing but still relatively small part of its overall business.

Runners up in the category were Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks, which respectively received 24% and 13% of all votes cast. Other nominees included Help AG, Check Point, Micro Focus, Symantec, Juniper Networks and Darktrace.

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