The UAE’s top pick for threat intelligence

The threat landscape is evolving too rapidly for individual cybersecurity teams to keep up with.

With an exponentially increasing number of threats to watch out for, the ability to gain information on new and sophisticated attacks which may not be picked up by traditional antivirus solutions is vital, especially for institutions likely to be specifically targeted by sophisticated criminals or nation state actors.

Even more crucial, given the sheer number of potential attack types, is knowing which ones to be particularly on the lookout for in their particular industry, or at a particular time.

What’s more, one of the major challenges facing cybersecurity professionals worldwide, and particularly in the UAE, is a lack of human resources.

The sheer volume of alerts security professionals have to deal with, especially at large companies which are deliberately targeted by hackers, is too much for cybersecurity professionals to deal with one-by-one – and that’s particularly true for teams which are already understaffed.

They need to be able to differentiate between annoyances, false positives, low-risk threats, and signs of a serious attack.

And given the importance of relevant information, this is a risk category where it’s particularly important for cybersecurity experts to know which providers are the most trusted in their region.

According to our ‘Who Secures The UAE’ report, the UAE’s favourite threat intelligence provider is Fortinet.

26 separate providers were nominated in this category, but Fortinet stood out by a significant margin, claiming an impressive 19% of all votes cast.

Qualys took second place, while other contenders included AlienVault, Help AG and FireEye.

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