Mimecast appoints SVP EMEA, VP Africa

Email and data security provider Mimecast has announced that former Middle East and Africa head Brandon Bekker has been appointed to the newly created role of SVP EMEA. Paul Stafford has been named VP for Mimecast Africa.

Both positions became effective on April 1, the start of Mimecast’s new fiscal year. Unlike several of the other job moves we’ve covered recently, both Bekker and Stafford already held similar roles at Mimecast: Bekker formerly led Mimecast’s South African, African and Middle East operations, while Stafford previously held the role of General Manager for the South African coastal region, where he’s been based since joining Mimecast in 2008.

“For more than 10 years, Paul Stafford has proven his commitment to helping customers manage their cyber resilience strategy, while also ensuring resellers and other partners are able to effectively service their clients,” said Bekker.

“He has shown his dedication to customer success and his passion for leading enthusiastic and engaged Mimecast teams. I have no doubt that with Paul at the helm, Mimecast Africa will continue to focus on customer success, helping to guide customers as they work to strengthen their cyber resilience strategies to protect their organizations against the ever-evolving threat landscape.”

Bekker has been with Mimecast since 2007, and became responsible for the Middle East and Africa in 2013. Since then, he helped to grow the regional business by more than 75% since the company listed, and expanded the business into the Middle East, including opening a Dubai office in 2016.

In his new role, he’ll be moving from Johannesburg to Mimecast’s London office, from which he’ll lead the company’s Europe, Middle East and Africa operations.

“Brandon Bekker has been instrumental in helping MEA customers understand the cyber threat landscape and the importance of how layering a third-party solution can improve cyber resilience when adopting cloud services like Microsoft Office 365. It gives me great pleasure to see him take on this new challenge to further support customers,” said Mimecast CEO Peter Bauer.

“I am confident that he will bring the skills that helped drive customer success and growth in MEA to the rest of the region, particularly in our growing markets like Central Europe, and he will continue to motivate employees to do their best work, best teamwork and greatest learning.”

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