Avengers Acquire: Elastic to pay $234M for Endgame’s endpoint security expertise

Elastic has announced that it’ll be acquiring endpoint security company Endgame Inc. for $234 million.

Elastic isn’t a pure-play security company itself: its ‘Elastic Stack’ of products focus mainly on data management, processing and visualisation. But the applications of its tools for e-Discovery, audit and security have been recognised by security teams, with Elastic CEO Shay Banon writing in a blog post that the Elastic Stack was adopted as a SIEM and threat-hunting tool by the infosec community “long before we made significant efforts in the space”.

And given the growth that the cybersecurity sector is continuing to experience, it should be no surprise that Elastic’s vision for the future embraces the interest that security pros have taken.

While the company’s been keeping an eye out to ensure its products retain their security relevance, including collaboration with partners such as Endgame to ensure smooth integration, the acquisition is a step further, aimed at releasing what Banon calls “a holistic security product that combines endpoint and SIEM”.

“The combined force of Elastic’s powerful search technology and Endgame’s award-winning endpoint security offering gives customers unparalleled insight into their data for maximum protection,” said Jamie Butler, Endgame’s CTO.

“Both organizations share a commitment to openness, transparency, and user enablement, making this an exciting opportunity for both our employees and for the joint user community. We believe the combination of our solutions will change how the world thinks about data, analytics, and security.”

As well as allowing Elastic to add a security-specific solution to its product lineup, the team-up is expected to benefit existing Endgame clients by giving them access to Elastic’s search capabilities as well as helping them consolidate their security stacks.

“It’s been wonderful to see the impact our product is having on the organizations using it, from successfully stopping targeted attacks, reducing time to detect attacks, and cutting operational costs,” said Endgame CEO Nate Fick. “By joining forces with Elastic, we will be able to take our endpoint platform to another level, integrate with their SIEM efforts, and give users everywhere in the world a complete security solution.”

According to the press release, the acquisition will be enabled through a merger of Avenger Acquisition Corp and Endgame, on completion of which Endgame will continue as a direct and wholly-owned subsidiary of Elastic.

Despite this, the press release did not feature any Marvel puns.

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