CrowdStrike announces new CTO

Michael Sentonas, formerly CrowdStrike’s VP of Technology Strategy, has replaced Dmitri Alperovitch as global CTO.

Alperovitch, who had been CTO of CrowdStrike since co-founding the company in 2011, has transitioned out of the company and has announced his intention to launch a non-partisan, non-profit policy accelerator.

“We are grateful for Dmitri’s commitment over the past eight years to help build CrowdStrike into the industry leader that we are today,” said CrowdStrike’s CEO and fellow co-founder George Kurtz. “We wish him well in his future endeavors.”

His replacement by Sentonas is effective immediately.

“Few companies in history have a success story like CrowdStrike,” Sentonas said. “In this new role, I am excited to have the opportunity to continue unlocking the massive potential of our technology platform, while maintaining the unique value proposition of an integrated modular approach, delivered by a single, lightweight agent protecting all workloads.”

This will not be Sentonas’ first CTO role – at Intel Security, he was CTO first of the APAC region and subsequently of the ‘Security Connected’ division, until he joined CrowdStrike in 2016 as VP of Technology Strategy.

“At CrowdStrike, we have a deep bench of technology talent and we are pleased to appoint Mike to his new role as chief technology officer. During his tenure at CrowdStrike, he has demonstrated leadership and a vision for building out CrowdStrike’s technology that uniquely meets the needs of organizations worldwide looking for reliable cybersecurity solutions that stop breaches,” said Kurtz.

“Mike’s deep industry knowledge and strong performance as a leader across multiple strategic functions within CrowdStrike position him well for success in his new role, which will include close collaboration with our engineering and products organization that is led by Amol Kulkarni, chief product officer.”

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