Cyberviser aims to compile the news stories most relevant to senior stakeholders in information security across the world, while also providing our own insights into what new developments mean for cybersecurity. It’s all very well knowing what’s happened – but in order to stay ahead of the hackers, information security professionals have to be looking forward, not back.

Cyberviser is a project run by AKJ Associates, which has been producing high-level, content-driven events in information security, fraud and compliance for almost 20 years. It’s the company behind world-famous but highly exclusive conferences such as the e-Crime & Cybersecurity Congress series, the global PCI series, Securing The Law Firm, Securing Online Gaming, and more.

To ensure AKJ-run events feature the best and most relevant content, our content team in constant contact with CISOs at top institutions around the world. We want to bring those insights not just to attendees at our conferences and bespoke meetings, but also to the wider information security community.

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