5 things you didn’t know about Jeremy Bevan, VP Global Segments and Industry Marketing at Cisco

1) He’s not your typical marketeer

I didn’t start in Marketing. I’ve been in software development, support services, project and programme management, selling and consulting. When I joined Cisco, I was running EMEA marketing for 5-6 years, and just recently I have stepped into global role. Marketing is extremely tightly linked in with the sales transformation that CISCO is going through. The way that people are buying our products has shifted dramatically, from hardware to software, from on premise to in the cloud… it’s about getting really focused on who are our customers and how are we serving them, from our largest key accounts right through to our smallest customer, serving them in the way that works for them. We’re getting much more segment specific in that regard, thinking about the different classes of customer and what they need from us and how we should work with them.

Oracle withdraws 60% of its workforce in China amid stringent new cybersecurity laws. And it’s a sign of things to come.

It was the latest saga in a love story gone sour when this month, US supergiant Oracle announced the firing of 900 staff from their China team. The cull, which would cut 60% of the software behemoth’s research and development workforce in the region, shifts the struggle between the two superpowers firmly onto the digital battlefield.