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Cybersecurity: does size really matter?

It’s generally accepted that small businesses are less cybersecurity-savvy than large ones. But just how much does the size of an organisation affect its needs and priorities?

Getting the board on board with cyber

Obtaining genuine board-level buy-in for cybersecurity strategy is often cited as one of the CISO’s biggest challenges. How confident are Europe’s CISOs, and what does increased (or insufficient) board support mean for them?

Mimecast appoints SVP EMEA, VP Africa

Email and data security provider Mimecast has announced that former Middle East and Africa head Brandon Bekker has been appointed to the newly created role of SVP EMEA. Paul Stafford has been named VP for Mimecast Africa.

Orange acquires UK MSSP SecureData

Orange has announced its acquisition of UK-based MSSP SecureData (including its consulting subsidiary SensePost) for an undisclosed sum. What’s the future of telcos and cyber?