Over the past 12 months, AKJ Associates has undertaken a complex, in-depth research project into what the UAE's end-user cybersecurity experts consider to be the major challenges – and the most effective solutions – when it comes to cybersecurity.

The project surveyed over 150 individuals based in the Middle Eastern region (primarily Abu Dhabi and Dubai), who told us about a number of the challenges facing them, and about the solutions they had found effective in dealing with those challenges.

One of the challenges they reported – echoing a common sentiment among cybersecurity professionals – was the difficulty of differentiating between solution providers. The security solutions market is seriously overcrowded, and the procurement process is a long and often painful one. At the same time, it’s a process you can’t afford to get wrong.

To help users differentiate, and to provide other fascinating insights into the specific challenges facing the region, the report draws on the wisdom of AKJ Associates’ extensive network of senior information security professionals in the UAE.

“The interesting question prompted by the leaders in our Top 30 preferred vendors table is this: clearly the current preference is for large, big-brand, one-stop shop providers. This provides a level of comfort for CISOs in the short term, but with cyber criminals innovating ever more rapidly, and with effective cybersecurity solutions likely to arise from new technologies such as AI and blockchain, should CISOs be more adventurous in exploring the vendors outside the current leaders?”

Simon Brady, Managing Editor, AKJ Associates.

Download the report in PDF format here.


In addition to the report, we will be posting several 'deep dive' breakdowns of the results, along with regular updates and articles providing useful information for cybersecurity professionals in the UAE, on our dedicated 'Who Secures The UAE?' homepage. Stay tuned for more!