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Mimecast appoints SVP EMEA, VP Africa

Email and data security provider Mimecast has announced that former Middle East and Africa head Brandon Bekker has been appointed to the newly created role of SVP EMEA. Paul Stafford has been named VP for Mimecast Africa.

The UAE’s top pick for SIEM

SIEM solutions, though sometimes considered prohibitively complex, are gaining popularity among small and large companies alike. Which ones do the UAE’s CISOs find best fit their needs?

The UAE’s top pick for web security

As more and more companies pursue digital transformation – all but a necessity in the increasingly online world of business – web security has become more important than ever. The UAE’s CISO community shares its thoughts on which providers secure it most effectively.

Your industry’s biggest threats – and allies

We take a ‘deep dive’ look into the responses from participants in a range of sectors. What are the biggest threats faced by different industries? What are their priorities? And who are their most reliable allies in the struggle against cybercrime?